Bardița Irina

Barditsa. Artist. Painter

”Listen”2019 Metaphorically, the "listen" painting is about inner peace. By removing the external factors, getting your ears and eyes closed, you get rid of the daily crowd. You start listening to your inner world. Find your absolute peace, Nirvana. Oil on canvas
"Labels" 2020 How many times are we cataloged and labeled by society? People do not notice that these judgments are longing, they are like nails beaten in the living flesh. Oil on canvas.
”Paris” 2016 The city of love and the dead, Paris is full of catacombs with bones of the dead after the war in Bastille. 42x60 engraving
"Chisinau" 2016 Architecture, gates of Chisinau. 42x60 engraving
”Frida Kahlo” 2019 Words are useless. Frida is the embodiment of the powerful woman who, despite her health, managed to fly, thanks to her art. Her visions made her dreams come true. I think I'm a reincarnation of Frida and Dali. Just as physically ill, but thirsty for life and painting. Oil on canvas. Relief
The secret exhibition My personal painting exhibition in the Loft13 creative arthub. Where 13 paintings from the "You Power" collection were presented. The exhibition had a symbolic theme, about the secret dinner.
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Gallery Alliance Francaise Personal exhibition ”Unite par la diversite” / Alliance Francaise/ Chisinau/ Moldova
”Triquetra” 2019 Because gold plays with light, it is difficult to capture and accurately render, the beauty of this painting. "Triquetra" symbolizes the all-seeing eye of God, also known as "The Eye of Horus". Powerful symbol, used in various currents, in religion, Freemasonry and economy. Three corners signify the trinity, father, son, and holy spirit. The eye from within, both knowing and seeing, restores knowledge and wisdom. The painting is made in oil, with imitation gold, bas-relief and swarowski crystals. At night, the center of the eye illuminates phosphorescent, again emphasizing the mystical power of this symbol. Perfect for people who love to have really valuable and powerful things in the house. Oil on canvas . Mixed.
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”Unlocking” 2019. Is painting no. 1 in the collection ”You Power”. And it is the basis of my definitive start, decisive as a painter. It is that deliberation that made me believe in my dream and my own strengths. Step one to go on the path that you are drawn to, you must free yourself from prejudices and barriers. Connect with you. The sky above the head, the night illuminates phosphorescent. Oil on canvas 40x50cm, mixed
”Filter” 2019 ”Filter” We are a filter in this life. We decide how to transform information and what to offer to this world. To any betrayal and wickedness (snakes), you can respond with love and kindness (flowers), or vice versa. Everyone chooses their face. Oil on canvas. Mixed.
"Samsara" 2019 "Samsara" It irritates in others what is in ourselves and we do the same. We love in others what we would like to be or be able to do. We are mirrors for someone, and someone vice versa, we receive what we offer. Friendship is based on common interests, love on differences and completions, but with the same opinions about life. When we ask for love, we are given the chance to manifest it to people who have not learned to love. We are the continuity of the other, a cell of a huge chain called "humanity". With time we become the copies of our parents. We transmit the secret genetic code. It is the natural process of life. An eternal circuit of energy. /Mixed.
”Artist” 2019 People are just a tool to play the messages of art, which includes them abundantly! Art does not belong to us, but only to the way it is expressed. She comes from the Universe and is from the whole of humanity. We are mere messengers on this earth. Our soul always burns with inspiration and creation. An artist sees with his soul. And in his mind there are fantasy explosions. Being an artist is a vocation. It is a gift and a curse. Mixed. Relief. Imitation of gold
”Joker” 2019 Joker is a character that inspires me to see the world from the inside. With other eyes. He teaches us to look at people in the depths of the soul. Let's be players behind the curtain. And let's not underestimate other people. Oil on canvas
”Salvador Dali” 2019 Oh Dali, with a demented look. He was definitely a genius. Curious to reach its peak. Always at the extreme, he levitated between heaven and earth. But more was his head in the clouds. Oil on canvas.
"Prisoner of the mind" 2020 Portraitpour personal collection. Oil on canvas 70x50 cm.
"Cronor" 2019 For the Cronor watch brand. Mixed painting, oil on canvas, phosphorescent, 70x50 cm.