Bardița Irina

Barditsa. Artist. Painter


- ”Arturo Maccagni” Gallery, Paris, France
- ”Lafayet Art” Gallery, Chisinau, Moldova
- Online Art Gallery "Saatchi Art", Chicago, USA
- Gallery ” Singulart” , UK 

- Magazine ”DAS Interiors”
- Watch brand ”Cronor”

- ”Equinox” Winery

Paintings are sold to personal collections in Moldova, France, USA, Spain and Ireland.

Performance ”Revival of Venus”

Several news portals have written about this performance.

Artistic manifesto "Revival of Venus", peacefully, in front of an Orthodox church in the capital, which held communion during the pandemic.

In Moldova there is a critical red code announced by Covid19. On March 11, 2020, the government issues an order prohibiting all public demonstrations and jobs to prevent the spread of the virus in the mass.

The church flatly refuses to obey the law, and calls on the believers to come and pray together, vehemently renouncing the closure of places of worship.

The same day, I purchased a canvas with the size 80x60cm and painted it in oil, representing the goddess Venus, with a new born baby, who could be interpreted as Mary and Jesus, with masks painted on the face. Symbolizing that even the saints wear masks, it is not good to perceive any right of icon and worship it. And let's not forget that birth is not a sin!

On March 15, with the picture still wet, I went peacefully, and stayed for an hour with the picture in my hands, in the church yard that violates the law, allowing even children and older people to enter without a mask, indoors.
The purpose of the performance was to raise the awareness of parishioners about the danger of the virus, in the case of sharing and mass gathering.

Also, at the base of the painting were the topics related to:
- subjecting the community to the risk of diseases and infections, not only during the pandemic, by kissing icons and eating from the same teaspoon.
- gender discrimination, by prohibiting the access of women to the church during menstruation and after birth. Let us not forget that Christ was born naturally to a woman.
- Instigating hatred, embarrassment and complexion of one's own body, by justifying sin. Masturbation, protected sex and "bad faith" mothers guilty of giving birth to a child with disabilities.
- Blaming the faith, turning it into a profitable business. The carving of the carved faces is forbidden. Icons should serve as visual renderings of Bible passages, not deities!

During my stay on the territory, according to the legislation of the public space, I was calm, we did not provoke anyone, I explained quietly to those who were interested, and we did not incite someone to hate, so I did not disturb the silence.
Compared to the parishioners who reacted aggressively, they began shouting, harassing us verbally, threatening us, with swearing, and attempts to destroy the painting, but seeing that we were filming them, they abstained.

After I left the church yard, on its page, from the priests, false accusations appeared as we had vandalized several cars of the parishioners, and wrote a complaint to the police, who contacted me later on this case.

As a result of the manifesto, the painting suffered little, and then I restored it. We were also harmed morally.

I want to make it known that: After the first week, two different priests were sick, a group of tourists who went on a pilgrimage to the monastery.
So the virus does not spare anyone!
Following several fines, and death cases, the church decided to resign to the authorities, and to close the places of worship.
While he could have shown wisdom from the beginning!

P.S. The purpose of this manifesto was to mention to the clergy, on some inadmissible violations in contemporary society, not against the church concept.

  About Concept

Irina Bardița (Barditsa), Contemporary artist.

Symbolism. Expressionism. Surrealism.

Born in 1991, in the Republic of Moldova


My philosophy is to paint the inner power. To break stereotypes in the light of the social problems that surround us.


The artist's vocation is to nourish the soul. I bend the art and I put it on the tray. After a long search for identity, I realized that I could not run away from myself. And painting is my blessing and my curse, which swallowed me whole, is art.


I like to perfect myself to discover new horizons, which is why I try to paint in many techniques, oil, acrylic, pencil, engraving.

I like life, that's why I use vivid and succulent colors even in the darkest paintings.


The main subject of my paintings is an androgynous character, who tells us that regardless of race, gender, physical appearance or sexual orientation, we are equally capable, to become happy and to discover our inner potential!

I use symbolism, because I like people to see beyond appearances, beyond packaging. Because everything in this life is an illusion, we put all the blockages in our heads and I want through my art to break any stereotype or barrier, to release!



  Solo Exhibitions  

2020 .03 – Manifesto against Church dogmas "Revival of Venus"/ in front of the Orthodox church/ Chisinau

2020 .01 - Personal exhibition ”Unite par la diversite” / Alliance Francaise/ Chisinau/ Moldova

2019 .11 - Personal exhibition  ”Expozitia cea de taina” / Art Hub Loft13/ Chisinau/Moldova

2019 .05 - Personal exhibition with performance number "You Power" / Art Labyrinth / Chisinau/Moldova

2018 .12 - Personal exhibition "Izvar din arta" / underground club C51 / Chisinau

2018 .12 - Personal exhibition "Symbol" / Art-Club "Apriory # 19" / Tiraspol 

2010 - Personal exhibition at the library "Alba Iulia" / Chisinau/Moldova

2009 - Exhibition of paintings at ASEM / Chisinau/Moldova

  Group Exhibitions  

2019 .09 - Exhibition + workshop / "Art Fair" Berlizzo / Chisinau;

2019 .08 - Exhibition at the festival "Hodina" Klumea / Pohrebea/Moldova

2019 .06 - Exhibition " Le Souffle de l'Esprit " with gallery Arturo Maccagni / Royal Hall of the Church of the Madeleine / in Paris/France

2007 - Exhibition of national craftsmanship and Moldovan artists at "MoldExpo" / Chisinau


2020 .06 - ”New media fest 2020 Corona” , Art Video Koeln / Germany

2020.05 - ”Curartine” art project Cube Gallery / Moskow

2018 - Contestant on the program "Chefi at knives" / Bucharest/ Romania;
2017 - Contestant on humor show "iUmor" / Bucharest/ Romania

2016 - Participant of ”Luxembourg Art Prize” / Luxembourg

Performance ”You Power”

In 2019 I made a number of performances ”You Power”. 

I semi-nude, in a white train, symbolizing the purity of our birth on earth. I went out on stage, I sat in front of a model, symbol of the perfect woman with the parameters imposed by the society 90x60x90, with the angelic smile of Mona Lisa, and I started to paint in red. Symbolizing the pain, the prejudices of society, the suffering, the hard road to self-identification and hatred towards oneself and one's body. Then, in a moment of lucidity, I break this pattern, break all barriers and stereotypes, fall to the ground and make my circle, symbolizing the comfort and self-isolation zone. After a break from spiritual healing, because at the end of the tunnel there is always light, like the Fenix ​​bird, you are resurrected from my own pain! And from the vessel with that red color, I pull out a colorful train, symbolizing acceptance of variety. The fact that the world is different, in different shades, and myself, is important for me to accept myself as I am! I found myself in the world of colors, of art.

The audience was very responsive, and it resonated with that performance. Talking to them later, they gave me the understood message and the emotions, without speaking directly to the concept.

Being a person with special needs, a symbolist artist, in my country I am confronted with prejudices and misunderstandings, which is why for me it is important to bring this message to the ears and souls of many more people!